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We are all born somewhere, grow up somewhere. Possibly strongly rooted in this place, somewhere else or nowhere at all. What makes you feel "at home" in a certain place? How does it work to feel at home somewhere (again)? Can we have many homes at the same time? The dialog game "about home" invites you to be surprised by your own and other stories about our home(s).


We will come to your home, your club or circle of friends, your company or your neighborhood for a play session. You are invited to join us later for the second round in a mixed group - with people who live near you but whom you may not yet know. Spontaneous participation is always possible at our monthly regulars' tables or with your own game plan.


All existing and new players are invited to the two final pub salons and the final gala in September 2024. In addition to the game boards, culinary delicacies and selected artistically prepared stories about being at home will be served - musically, photographically, performatively.


Private gaming sessions can be booked from December 2023 to March 2024 in German, Turkish, Arabic, Cantonese or English. Book your play date now!

All dates, locations and booking information at www.abouthome.world and info@abouthome.world or +43(0)677 61769985.