Spielzeit 2023/2024 music

Kali Malone

Orgel Experimentell #1
Dom zu St. Pölten


“On one hand, organs are huge, majestic symbols of power. On the other, an insect can completely disable them.” In addition to her work as a composer and musician, Kali Malone used to tune and repair pipe organs. So she speaks from experience about the vulnerabilty and sensibility of the largest instruments humans can play. The American, who lives in Stockholm will present new compositions and existing works from her portfolio for pipe organ in St. Pölten. Seemingly austere, Kali Malone takes us through a process in which every little movement, every tiny change in sound is magnified by silence, thus creating a stunning depth of focus. The performance will take place with additional accompaniment by Stephen O’Malley on several four-hand organ pieces.  

Kali Malone’s recently released albums “The Sacrificial Code” (2019), “Living Torch” (2022) quickly rose to international critical acclaim. With “Does Spring Hide Its Joy” (2023) featuring Stephen O’Malley and Lucy Railton she made it to number four on the Billboard Classical Crossover charts. Worldwide performances at festivals, concerts halls, churches and museums, such as Berlin Atonal, Elbphilharmonie, Rockefeller Chapel, Moogfest and Biennale Venezia. 

Stephen O’Malley is a guitarist, producer, composer and visual artist who has conceived and co-created numerous drone and experimental music groups for more than two decades. 

Apart from liturgy and repertoire, three remarkable personalities of the most diverse musical provenance work on the queen of instruments in the upcoming series “Orgel Experimentell” (organ experimental) and jux­tapose the baroque interior of the St. Pölten Cathedral with contemporary culture. 


  • Orgel
    Kali Malone
  • Begleitung der vierhändigen Kompositionen
    Stephen O'Malley

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